In January 2001, TPA Services Inc. was founded on the growing demand for customized retirement planning and administration expertise.

Our approach is simple — provide knowledgeable and qualified retirement planning in a reasonable manner to afford opportunity to all organizations.

In business, limited time and resources make it difficult to design and administer a retirement plan without taking away time necessary for business activities generating revenue. Yet it is imperative to offer an effective retirement plan to attract and retain employees that are the lifeline of your business, creating benefits that enhance your advantage in securing top performers.

Our Focus

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TPA Services Inc. realizes that to stay competitive, effective, and up-to-date within a constantly changing market requires continual research, education, and training. We keep abreast of the latest government regulations and rulings, attend specialized user groups and seminars, and invest in software technology and updates, relieving you of the burden of managing a plan.

Our focus is advising and administering your retirement plan needs. In return you have the time to pursue your business endeavors with the confidence that your interests are handled efficiently.

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