Qualified Retirement Planning

In business every benefit creates a position of competitive advantage...

TPA Services Inc. is a Qualified Retirement Plan and Pension Services Independent Administrator offering an economical and customized approach to retirement planning. We make it possible to gain every opportunity to build a formidable business.

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a Plan Design for
Future Retirement

Balancing Defined Contribution Plans

Employers have a vested interest in designing and maintaining a qualified retirement plan that balances the recruiting and retention benefits it creates with the costs incurred by, and compliance imposed on, the employer. More ...

The Benefit of Possibilities Minus the Burden

If you spent long hours building a business, finding ways to make it profitable, you know the value of time. Implementing that same diligence to structure a qualified retirement plan is a burden that will take away your focus. Explore how you can identify a plan of action minus the time. More ...

Why do you need a qualified retirement plan? Your first commitment should be to yourself; investing in your own retirement and creating a plan for earning future income. As a Third Party Administrator, TPA Services can help you design a plan and strategy with deep understanding of the law and a long-range vision to craft a substantial future for your prosperity.
Defining a custom retirement plan

Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Flexible
  • Comprehensive
  • Competive
  • Convenient

With the time necessary to differentiate between plan options and address fiduciary responsibilities — the added benefit of offering a qualified retirement plan can burden an organization, taking away time from your core business.

TPA Services Inc. can offer your organization a complete analysis of benefit options with a customized and qualified retirement plan designed to meet your specific needs. We ensure that all aspects of your plan administration, compliance, and reporting are handled accurately and reliably so you can concentrate on the business at hand of generating profitability.